Your Ultimate Guide to Making Enamel Pins

18 Aug

Enamel pins are becoming increasingly popular to the world of fashion. Enamel pins are highly customizable, featuring any design of your choices such as branded logos, offbeat illustrations, and anything you want to create. Enamel pins reflect a person's personality and character, adding a good accessory to backpacks, hats, jean jackets, and more. In order to help in transforming your designs into a nice and cool gorgeous product, you can make your very own DIY enamel pins. If you are unable to create beautiful enamel pins, you have options of connecting with talented artists or designer or you can create mockups using Illustrator or Photoshop.

When designing your woven label custom patches, you have to bear in mind to use solid colors, so they should not have any transparent colors or gradients. It is also important to avoid the use of fine details and small text in your designs due to its size. Most manufacturers need a PNG or JPG of your design, but it pays off asking for other relevant details such as bleed are and size to ensure you are complying with their specific guidelines. After creating your design, you can start tracking down a manufacturer to transform your ideas and designs into real enamel pins. Enamel lapel pins come in different types which are hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins.

As compared to soft enamel pins, hard enamel pins are more rugged and durable but are more expensive and with coloring restrictions. Soft enamel pins are most commonly used by first timers and with more color options and more vibrant and richer colors available. The use of soft enamel pins enables you to add more details in your design such as adding edges and borders. When it comes to durability hard enamel is a perfect choice because soft enamel is less durable and they can be easily scratched. Unlike soft enamel pins, hard enamel pins are less vivid and appear subdued. Know how to make enamel pins here!

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